We are passionately pursuing a legacy for excellence, implementing a holistic, research and innovation-centred approach to wildlife management. One of the ways that we achieve this is by employing state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.

We have introduced thermal imaging technologies to the New Zealand conservation sector, which we deploy alongside DNA and team hunting surveys to accurately detect and report wildlife populations. This award-winning, pioneering approach enables us to more effectively adapt, target and validate our operations.


Our approach is a collaborative one. Our close-knit team of highly skilled ground and air operators works closely with clients, communities and iwi to ensure minimal environmental disruption. With a dedication to safeguarding our native biodiversity, we are committed to working alongside key stakeholders and affected parties in order to protect Aotearoa’s indigenous ecosystem in the most effective and considerate way.


New Zealand’s stunning natural wilderness plays a crucial part in the hobbies we enjoy. Its wildlife is iconic to our national and cultural identity. Like many Kiwis, we share a strong connection and sense of belonging to our land, so we work tirelessly to ensure a sustainable future for Aotearoa’s wildlife.

We are driven by our passion for the environment and desire to safeguard our native biodiversity in the most effective and considerate way, so it is with great pride that we fulfil our duty of stewardship to the fauna and flora of Aotearoa.


We take pride in preserving and restoring balance in our wilderness. We are enthusiastic conservationists constantly researching ways to assist the conservation of our ecosystems.

Our technologies and techniques allow us to locate animals for removal, determine whether a species has been eradicated from an area, or provide essential data to prevent extinction, among other things. The options are endless and our vision is broad.

With our passion for progressive conservation and our technologies ever-improving, we offer a large variety of services to achieve any conservation objective.

Aerial & Ground Hunting

DNA Analysis

Thermal Imaging

Vegetation & Predator Control

Our team are proud of our experience and the important work we have done in the past. Learn about some of our most recent projects here.